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Our key areas of expertise

DDL has extensive experience in state-of-the-art molecular biological techniques such as the (real time) polymerase chain reaction, various multiparameter analysis methods based on reverse hybridization assays and Luminex technology, as well as DNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis.

We are particularly experienced in the detection and genotyping of infectious microorganisms such as human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis viruses (HBV and HCV), herpesviruses, Chlamydia and Helicobacter pylori. We also focus on simultaneous multiparameter testing methods for diagnosis of infections of the central nervous system (CNS) and the respiratory tract. Finally, we perform assays for various genetic markers such as mutations related to thrombosis (Factor II, Factor V, MTHFR) or hemochromatosis (HFE).

DDL collaborates extensively with (bio)pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in the areas of molecular testing related to novel vaccines, antiviral drug resistance of HBV, HCV and HIV, virus genotyping and Chlamydiadiagnostics.

DDL provides pathology services, especially in combination with molecular diagnostics, including laser capture micro-dissection. We offer digital scanning of microscopy specimens to permit worldwide electronic access for pathology examination.

DDL provides logistic support for the organisation of clinical trials worldwide, including preparation of sampling kits, transportation of samples, (long-term) storage of clinical materials and reporting of diagnostic test results.

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