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Sustainable Employability

DDL Diagnostic Laboratory has been fortunate to get a Sustainable Employability subsidy of the European Social Fund. One of the objectives of DDL is being an Inspiring and healthy place to work. Our Sustainable employability and Employee development projects are part of this objective. As part of this subsidy we worked with an external party who gave us advice and guidance to carry out an employee satisfaction survey and helped us with the implementation of the improvement measures regarding sustainable employability.

To meet the publicity obligation, all employees who have been involved in the project have been informed about the content of the project. We also informed the employees that the project is co-financed with funds from the European Social Fund. This has also been appointed at meetings and workshops conducted within the framework of this project. All documents display the EU Emblem. Our employees have been closely involved in the project. This involvement is evidenced by, among other things, the questionnaires completed by the employees, the individual interviews with employees, the theme of sustainable employability being reflected in the meetings and the participation of employees in various workshops.

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