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  • Acquisition illustrates the Group’s strategy to strengthen its position in the entire value chain of diagnosis and stresses the pivotal role of clinical trial services
  • Offers Viroclinics-DDL a broader range of capabilities in its specialty services, and a unique entry into new markets in North America, Asia, and Africa.

Issy Les Moulineaux, France and Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 16 December 2021 Cerba HealthCare, a leading global player in medical diagnosis, today announced it has reached agreement to acquire Viroclinics-DDL, a fast-growing global virology and immunology contract research organization (CRO), from Summit Partners. 

Viroclinics-DDL, employing a total of over 390 scientists and experts, offers a broad range of virology related services in the field of non-clinical and clinical trials, clinical diagnostics, assay development and clinical trial logistics enabling the development of antiviral drugs, vaccines, and other therapies. The acquisition fits perfectly into Cerba HealthCare’s strategy aimed at further strengthening its position in the entire diagnostics and clinical trial laboratory services value chain, while providing the most relevant services to patients, the medical community and healthcare industry players. Within the Cerba Research division, Viroclinics-DDL will be able to further broaden its services and access new markets in North America, Asia, and Africa.

Based in the Netherlands, Viroclinics-DDL brings the best scientific expertise in virology, with core competencies across the entire drug development process, from the preclinical phase to market approval, with unique virology assay capabilities and unparalleled experience working with highly pathogenic viruses. With its global network of 38 processing labs, Viroclinics-DDL is able to support large multinational clinical trials. Its strong logistics infrastructure is critical for the swift and safe transport of fragile virology and PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell) samples from the patient to the lab.

Alongside its historical activities in routine and specialty clinical pathology with sound positions in Europe and Africa, Cerba HealthCare also has a worldwide presence through its expertise in clinical pathology for clinical trials, showcasing the Group’s geographic and expertise diversification to sustain its integrated vision for diagnosis.

Within Cerba HealthCare’s comprehensive Group offering, and ranking under the Cerba Research brand, clinical laboratory and diagnostic solutions for clinical trials have grown considerably over the past years, demonstrating a strong track record in patient recruitment and clinical trial sample testing, as well as in logistics solutions for immuno-oncology, anti-infectives and metabolic disorders. Over the years, Cerba Research has evolved to be the precision medicine partner to CROs, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, and non-profit organizations with growing needs for complex clinical research programs.

Cerba Research CEO Mario Papillon said: “The acquisition of Viroclinics-DDL is a milestone for Cerba Research, as it enables us to build a comprehensive offering for our customers, with broader capabilities, best-in-class logistics, and key specific expertise that meet the healthcare industry needs. With our combined expertise in immuno-oncology and infectious / respiratory diseases, we are poised to accelerate therapy and vaccine development for biopharma customers while becoming the reference lab for cell and gene therapies of tomorrow. We are very much looking forward to onboarding the team of Viroclinics-DDL and together paving the way for new therapies.”

Viroclinics-DDL CEO Davide Molho added: “With Cerba Research, we have a new foundation for further global expansion to North America, Asia, and Africa with unrivalled expertise, capacity and capabilities. Together, we will be able to offer integrated solutions to the life science industry, accelerating antiviral, vaccine, and other R&D programs, while offering unmatched logistics solutions securing the integrity of fragile samples. Our 390+ scientists and experts look forward to joining Cerba Research in our continuous quest to provide the best possible science and service to our customers.”

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and customary conditions, such as completion of the consultation procedure with Central Works Council of Viroclinics-DDL. The acquisition is expected to close by end of Q1 2022.


About Cerba HealthCare

Cerba HealthCare, a leading global player in medical diagnosis, aims to support the evolution of health systems towards more prevention. It draws on more than 50 years of expertise in clinical pathology to better assess the risk of diseases development, detect and diagnose diseases earlier, and optimize the effectiveness of personalized medicine.

Every day, on 5 continents, the Group’s 12 000 employees sustain the transformation of medicine, driven by one deep conviction: to advance diagnosis is to advance health.

Cerba HealthCare, enlightening health.

Additional information is available at www.cerbahealthcare.com

About Cerba Research

Cerba Research is a leading healthcare company with end-to-end drug development and diagnostic solutions to optimize R&D drug productivity and commercialization. Providing Early phase research, clinical development through central laboratory and diagnostic services, Assay and biomarker development and validation. Working with government agencies, non-government organizations as well as pharma and biotech organizations to change the shape of clinical development.

Cerba Research is part of Cerba HealthCare, a leading player in medical diagnosis.

For more information: www.cerbaresearch.com

About Viroclinics-DDL

Viroclinics-DDL is a leading specialty contract research organization, serving the biopharmaceutical community with a broad range of non-clinical research, clinical diagnostic, assay development, laboratory, and clinical trial logistic services. It offers its clients a global reach through a network of 38 processing laboratories. Viroclinics-DDL extensive experience in clinical and preclinical virology studies, including its specialty in respiratory and blood-borne viruses, puts the company at the forefront in supporting the development of vaccines, antibodies, antiviral compounds, and other therapies. Its in-house state-of-the-art preclinical and clinical BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories facilitate complex experiments with highly pathogenic organisms. Viroclinics-DDL is based in Rotterdam, Rijswijk and Schaijk in the Netherlands, and employs over 390 highly trained, dedicated scientists and technical experts. For more information, visit www.viroclinics.com and www.ddl.nl.

Press contact:  

Cerba HealthCare
Emmanuelle Saby
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Leon Melens
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Launching our new business unit Viroclinics Xellerate

Viroclinics-DDL, today announced the launch of Viroclinics Xellerate, a newly formed Business Unit focused on clinical trial support and global logistics services.

Viroclinics Xellerate’s team – formerly known as Clinical Trial Operations/Global Logistics – will continue to drive value for customers, strategic partners and employees through existing and new services. Since the initial launch of the clinical trial support services department in 2013, many additional solutions have been established, including:

  • A customized COVID-19 cold chain, including multi-sourcing strategies and contingency plans to guarantee global accessibility, during the pandemic;
  • A tailormade supply chain for global multi-center gene therapy studies;
  • A growing network of processing laboratories (currently 35) in Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Viroclinics Xellerate will be led by general manager Marc van Pruijssen most recently Director Global Logistics and will work with functions across the organization in five key areas:

  • Sample and test kit design, production and distribution
  • Customized global cold chain design and distribution including specialized sample logistics
  • Global processing laboratory networks
  • Specialty logistics and processing solutions for gene therapy clients
  • And many other tailor-made supply chain services

The new business unit, provides a unique opportunity to boost operational capacity and develop a broader service base, tailored around specialty clinical trial and global logistics services. In the future customers will benefit from an increased service portfolio, including real time data insight and clinical trial monitoring software solutions. The launch of Viroclinics Xellerate is in line with our growth strategy and vision to become the leading immunology and virology focused contract research organization.

More information? Please contact us via info@ddl.nl or alternatively via T. +31 88 668 4787.
Here you can read more about Viroclinics Xellerate’s service portfolio.

Viroclinics Xellerate

ENPICOM and Viroclinics-DDL receive joint MIT R&D ZH subsidy to accelerate and improve antibody and vaccine discovery and development

Partnership combines Viroclinics-DDL’s diagnostic and high-throughput sequencing experience with ENPICOM’s expertise in bioinformatics and immunomics

‘s-Hertogenbosch and Rijswijk, The Netherlands, March 30, 2021 – Viroclinics-DDL, a state-of-the-art Contract Research Organization specialized in molecular diagnostic testing and assay development, and ENPICOM, an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company, announced the approval of their joint MIT R&D ZH subsidy (SME Innovation Stimulation Top Sectors South Holland) application. This R&D partnership project combines “wet-lab” (in vitro) diagnostic and high-throughput sequencing expertise of Viroclinics-DDL and “dry-lab” (in silico) bioinformatics and immunomics knowledge of ENPICOM. Together, the two companies aim to develop an integrated wet and dry lab BCR repertoire sequencing technology that can be offered as a unique full-service proposition. BCR receptor identification and quantification can be used for patients monitoring, evaluation of vaccine efficacy, and, of particular importance in these turbulent times, to improve antibody-based therapeutic development.

“Viroclinics-DDL’s proven ability to perform molecular diagnostic testing at scale provides a tremendous engine to power innovative therapeutics.” comments Jos Lunenberg, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at ENPICOM. “The joint strengths and capabilities of our experienced and well-diversified teams create not only a more complete portfolio of services for our clients; we are confident that our IGX Platform TCR/BCR sequencing analysis and management, combined with Viroclinics-DDL’s diversified portfolio of assay tools, will allow us to expedite discovery and development of new revolutionary therapeutics and vaccines.”

“This is a great example of our mission to drive purposeful innovation.” says Desiree van der Kleij, General Manager at Viroclinics-DDL. “The combined expertise of our companies provides an opportunity to  extend our service portfolio of tailor-made molecular diagnostic services for our (bio)pharmaceutical customers.”

Unique full-service offering for B cell receptor repertoire profiling for antibody development

Therapeutics based on antibodies are at the forefront of revolutionary treatments for cancer, autoimmunity, and many other diseases. While B cell repertoire profiling and analysis (also known as ‘immunosequencing’ or ‘BCR repertoire sequencing’) has proven to be highly effective at improving selection and production of antibody candidates, existing immunosequencing solutions are limited in data analysis options which do not meet today’s data quantity and quality requirements. Correct annotation of immune receptors, the interpretation of large-scale repertoires and the integration of different datatypes are posing serious challenge to researchers. Viroclinics-DDL and ENPICOM aim to develop a complete solution that includes high-throughput sequencing, quality control, and innovative data analysis methods, ensuring a seamless integration of all lab and data analysis aspects of immune repertoire sequencing.

This project is part of the Top Sector LSH (Life Sciences & Health) under the ‘enabling technologies and infrastructure’ and ‘molecular diagnostics’ themes. In addition, the project has a direct impact on the Top Sector HTSM & ICT with a contribution to the themes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and ICT-driven services.

The collaboration between Viroclinics-DDL and ENPICOM was initiated in May 2019 to jointly deliver TCR repertoire sequencing and analysis service to organizations studying immune system related diseases or developing drugs influencing this system. In January 2021, ENPICOM released an end-to-end software solution for fast and efficient antibody discovery. This new product proposition that aims to address the needs of researchers within the BCR repertoire sequencing field is going to be an important step to facilitate the full-service proposition jointly offered with Viroclinics-DDL.


ENPICOM is an innovative bioinformatics software engineering company delivering ground-breaking products and customized solutions to decode the immune system and improve human health. With a diverse team of over 25 professionals, ENPICOM serves customers from all over the world, from academic research centers doing basic research related to the immune system, to biotech and global pharmaceutical companies focusing on the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies and vaccines.

Leveraging a unique mix of immunology knowledge, bioinformatics method development, and software engineering skills, ENPICOM offers a world-class repertoire sequencing data analysis solution – the ImmunoGenomiX (IGX) Platform. IGX is an innovative platform to manage, store, analyze, visualize, and interpret immune repertoire sequencing data from T and B cell receptors. In collaboration with DDL Diagnostic Laboratory, ENPICOM delivers full immune repertoire sequencing and analysis service.

For more information, visit enpicom.com and follow us on LinkedIn.

About Viroclinics-DDL

Viroclinics-DDL is a global leading specialty contract research organization, serving the biopharmaceutical community with a broad range of preclinical research, clinical diagnostic, assay development and clinical trial logistic services. A global reach is offered to our clients through a network of 29 processing laboratories. Viroclinics-DDL’s extensive experience with clinical and preclinical studies for viruses, including its specialty in respiratory and blood borne viruses, puts the company at the forefront in supporting the development of vaccines, antibodies and antiviral compounds targeting viral infectious diseases. Our in-house state of the art preclinical and clinical BSL-2 and BSL-3 laboratories allow for complex experiments with highly pathogenic organisms. Viroclinics-DDL is based in Rotterdam, Rijswijk, Schaijk, (The Netherlands) and employs more than 300 well-trained, dedicated scientists and technical experts.

For more information, visit www.viroclinics.com and www.ddl.nl.
Follow us on LinkedIn: Viroclinics and DDL


Press contacts

ENPICOM BV                                                                       

Svitlana Lozova

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Sander Verkerk

Marketing & Communications Manager


+31 88 668 4787

Viroclinics-DDL Team to Support COVID-19 New Drug Investigations

Rijswijk, 25 March, 2020

Preceding weeks have made clear that COVID-19 continues to spread and is paralyzing the world. Times are unprecedented and show us how vulnerable we are and how we depend on each other. As a service organization – highly specialized in virology – we will commit ourselves to realign our resources, equipment and materials to new initiatives to test anti-virals, immune modulators and vaccines in the battle against COVID-19. We like to thank our regular and repeat customers, because they also give COVID-19 intervention strategies ample attention and – together with us – show the flexibility to prioritize the programs, making it possible to gear exceptional efforts to new COVID-19 drug and vaccine medication at Viroclinics-DDL.

  • Viroclinics’ laboratory sites in Rotterdam, Rijswijk and Schaijk will readjust most of their day-to-day operations to COVID-19 (pre) clinical trial support;
  • A specialized operational team is installed to deal with daily contingency and capacity planning;
  • We will provide (cold) supply chain solutions to prepare for large scale trials dedicated to COVID-19;
  • We will operate using our high containment BSL2 / BSL3 laboratories at multiple locations using validated molecular, cellular and preclinical analyses models.

“Together with our clients and partners we are currently working on vaccine and antiviral concepts to support global societies with much-needed anti-viral and immune strategies” Paul Zoeteweij Business Development

“At this precarious time, our thoughts are with the many patients, their relatives, the health care workers that are working day and night to tackle COVID-19. It feels necessary to redirect our efforts and contribute with our skills and join forces with our partners to find a cure or a prevention method” Hans Bunschoten COO

In case you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on: info@viroclinics.com

Viroclinics Biosciences and DDL Diagnostic Laboratory Join Forces

Two leading virology testing laboratories integrate to form new group serving global biopharmaceutical industry

Rotterdam, Rijswijk, 03 March 2020, The Netherlands

Viroclinics Biosciences, a leading virology contract research organization, announced today that it has acquired DDL Diagnostic Laboratory, a leading diagnostic solutions provider. The transaction enhances the combined group’s leading global position in anti-viral and vaccine testing and will serve to accelerate their ambitious growth strategy.

Viroclinics was founded in 2001 and specializes in the fields of virology and global logistics services. DDL was founded in 1994 and is an expert laboratory in advanced (molecular) diagnostic testing. Both companies operate globally, serving leading biopharmaceutical companies active in the field of microbial vaccines and anti-virals.

Viroclinics is the global leader in influenza and other viral targets, such as RSV and Polio, while DDL also specializes in the fields of Hepatitis and HPV. The combined organization will operate from four testing laboratories located in Europe and China, with access to a global network of processing facilities across 20 countries to coordinate sample collection in strategic regions worldwide to serve global trials.

“By joining with DDL, we will enhance Viroclinics’ leading position as a specialized contract research organization, adding to our service offering, capacity and geographic presence,” said Bob van Gemen, Ph.D, CEO of Viroclinics Biosciences, who will serve as CEO of the combined organization. “I look forward to working with the DDL team and continuing to build on our leading global position as a virology CRO.”

“This is an exciting milestone for DDL. Our mission has been clear since the start of our company: to be a premier service provider in the global pharma services sector, with a focus on molecular diagnostics in infectious diseases,” said Leen-Jan van Doorn, Ph.D, Chief Business Officer and co-founder of DDL. Jan Lindeman, CEO of DDL, M.Sc. MBA, added: “The combined expertise of DDL and Viroclinics provides an opportunity to increase our capacity, extend our service portfolio and enhance opportunities for all employees.”

The joint strengths and capabilities, and increased laboratory capacity of the new group create a more complete portfolio of services for clients, from early stage pre-clinical work to large scale phase 2/3 trials as well as post-marketing studies. The combined business will employ 240 specialized scientists, researchers, technicians and support staff.

“We believe the market opportunity is enormous,” added Bob van Gemen. “Together, the Viroclinics and DDL teams will continue to invest in virology, adjacent and novel therapeutic fields, with the goal of serving a growing global client base.”

About Viroclinics Biosciences
Viroclinics Biosciences is a leading virology contract research organization, serving the biopharmaceutical community with a broad range of preclinical, clinical diagnostic, assay development and clinical trial logistics services. Operating at a global level, Viroclinics is the preferred virology testing laboratory for several of the top-10 biopharmaceutical companies. Viroclinics’ extensive experience with clinical and preclinical studies for viruses, including its specialty in respiratory viruses, puts the company at the forefront in supporting the development of vaccines, antibodies and antiviral compounds targeting viral infectious diseases. Viroclinics is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and employs more than 160 well-trained, dedicated scientists and technical experts.

More information: www.viroclinics.com

About DDL
DDL Diagnostic Laboratory (DDL) is a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in (molecular) diagnostic testing and diagnostic assay development. DDL performs advanced (molecular) diagnostic testing on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and clinical laboratories. DDL also designs, develops, and validates novel diagnostic assays, which can be tailored to specific diagnostic purposes. DDL is based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands and has a core team of 80 quality-minded employees with proven scientific and clinical laboratory experience. DDL offers state-of-the-art diagnostic services to its customers, and provides flexible, creative, and cost-effective advanced diagnostic solutions. Currently, DDL serves multiple international pharmaceutical companies, including 10 of the worldwide top-20.

More information: www.ddl.nl

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