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Business model of DDL

Business model of DDL

The goal of DDL is to be an excellent and outstanding service provider in the diagnostic field, with a focus on molecular diagnostics in infectious diseases. The three crucial aspects of our strategy are (1) to offer state-of-the-art technology and expertise, (2) to be a flexible and reliable business partner, and (3) to provide superior service.

State-of-the-art technology and expertise

DDL uses sophisticated methods and tools, provided that these have proven reliability. Therefore, DDL will only use novel techniques after their quality has been fully validated. DDL can also apply novel and tailor-made diagnostic tools, which are not yet commercially available on an experimental basis, but always under the strict guidance of our ISO quality system.

Flexible and reliable business partner

DDL is a reliable business partner for its clients. DDL aims to establish long-term patnerships based on personal interactions to generate and maintain trust and confidence in our capabilities. We invest in these relationships by:

  1. Maintaining superior expertise in our customer’s key areas of interest.
  2. Providing proactive advice and services to the customer’s senior management.
  3. Recognizing strategic opportunities for our clients
  4. Providing tailor-made and flexible solutions.

Superior service

DDL provides superior services, and all DDL employees have a professional service attitude. This implies that we will go beyond the letter of the contract to reach and maintain customer satisfaction. We will always provide accurate and precise information; we will respect deadlines, and keep our promises. Every project is managed by a dedicated project coordinator and supported by a qualified project team. Personal contact with our clients is considered a key factor, and we will invest time and effort to establish and maintain an optimal relationship with our customers. A high level of customer satisfaction is a crucial driver to continue a business relationship. Tailor-made applications and approaches are an important aspect of our service.

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