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With the rapid development of sequencing technology, higher throughput of better quality data can now be achieved. At DDL we have a unique combination of in-depth molecular biology knowledge, sequencing (Sanger and NGS), high performance computing, clinical grade security, user convenience and cost effectiveness by improving efficiency through automation.

We can assist you on the following bio-informatics analysis:

  • Genome assembly
  • Taxonomy and phylogenetical analysis
  • Comparative genomics: variant calling
  • Microbial profiling analyses: 16S amplicon analysis
  • Sample contamination analysis

We offer state of art analysis and tailor made solutions to our customers. We design and adapt our pipelines to our customer’s needs. We aim to provide the highest-quality sequencing data; therefore all our pipelines are scientifically validated and constantly optimized. Our data, software tools and workflows are auditable and reproducible. At DDL we comply with security standards and privacy regulations and we meet the requirements stated in 21 CFR part 11 to ensure record authenticity, integrity and confidentiality.

Data reports are produced in a flexible way to suit your needs and comply with applicable regulatory requirements. DDL has extensive experience in data management based on industry standards such as CDISC. We apply quality control, curation, and reporting procedures to ensure data integrity.

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