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Technology platforms

Nucleic acid (NA) isolation platforms:

NA isolation can be isolated from a wide range of clinical specimens, including whole blood, plasma, serum, biopsy specimens (skin, cervix, liver, etc.), saliva, stool, urine, hairs, swabs (nasal, cervical, anal, skin), and sputum.

  • Roche MagNAPure
  • BioMerieux Nuclisens EasyMAg
  • Kingfisher
  • Qiagen Cube
  • Manual isolation methods

PCR-amplification platforms:

(Quantitative) PCR is a key technology to not only detect a molecular target, but also quantify it. For instance, qPCR can determine the amount of virus in a clinical sample (i.e. viral load), and allows to monitor the impact of any antiviral therapy. qPCR is often used in combination with genotyping and sequencing assays to provide a complete profile of the status of a micro-organism in a patient sample.

DDL uses a broad spectrum of assay types and instruments for qPCR on a variety of viral and bacterial targets.

  • ABI cyclers
  • Bio-Rad
  • Viia7

Post-PCR analysis platforms

PCR-amplified targets can be analyzed by various methods, such as probe-hybridization or sequencing.

DDL is highly experienced in development of reverse hybridization assays, using the Line Probe assay (LiPA), or Luminex platforms. Numerous assays have been developed, validated, produced and successfully used in many different studies. Tailor-made assays can be designed for multiparameter detection, especially for genotyping applications.

Sequence analysis offers a key tool for molecular characterization of infectious micro-organisms. It provides high-resolution information about the nucleotide composition and deduced translated proteins, from which important virological features such as genotype, mixed infection, and evolving resistance profile, can be deduced.

DDL offers high quality sequencing. All processes are performed according to standard operation procedures, using proprietary primers for each target sequence.

Our services comprise DNA sequence analysis according to specific project protocols based on SOPs including all procedures from sample reception to data reporting. We generate high-quality data reports which can be incorporated into regulatory files for FDA and EMEA submissions.

  • Hamilton pipetting robots
  • Tecan
  • Auto-LiPA
  • QIAxcel
  • Luminex
  • Eppendorf Ep-motion

Sequencing platforms

Sequence analysis of PCR-amplified DNA or cDNA or cloned DNA, using either ABI Big Dye terminator chemistry or next generation sequencing

  • ABI 31xx
  • Illumina Miseq

Cobas platforms

Aperio digital scanner

Laser Capture Microdissection microscope (Zeiss)

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