Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

HRSV is a major cause of acute lower respiratory tract infection in infants and young children. HRSV is also recognized as an important respiratory pathogen among the elderly and immunocompromised individuals.

HRSV is an enveloped virus with a non-segmented, single-stranded, negative-sense RNA genome of about 15 kb and is a member of the Pneumovirus genus within the family Paramyxoviridae HRSV strains are classified into two major subgroups, i.e., HRSV-A and HRSV-B, based on genetic and antigenic differences.

The viral single stranded RNA genome contains 10 genes encoding for 11 viral proteins. The viral envelope consists of a lipid bilayer derived from the host cell plasma membrane and three viral transmembrane glycoproteins, the attachment glycoprotein (G), the fusion protein (F), and the small hydrophobic protein (SH). The virion contains the matrix protein (M) and the ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex formed by the viral RNA nucleocapsid (N) protein, phosphoprotein (P), (polymerase) L protein and the anti-terminator factor M2-1. The two non-structural proteins NS1 and NS2 inhibit interferon production and may play role in virus replication and the M2-2 is involved in regulation of viral RNA transcription and replication. The G and F glycoproteins are the immunodominant antigens.

DDL offers the following HRSV analyses

  • Detection and quantification of HRSV A and B by qRT-PCR, aimed at the N-region
  • Subtyping of HRSV A and B
  • Target specific sequencing of F and/or L-genes by next generation sequencing
  • Broad viral screening can be performed using e.g., the Luminex xTAG RVP FAST v2 assay, detecting: RSVA/B, influenza A (H1, H1pdm2009, H3), influenza B, parainfluenza (1-4), metapneumovirus, adenovirus, entero-rhinovirus, coronavirus (NL63, HKU1, 229E, OC43), bocavirus


  • Nasal, nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swabs
  • Lavages/sputum
  • Cultured strains.

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